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AiM Postural Assessment & Correction

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Did you know the body can heal itself providing the right parameters are in place?

I cut my finger, it bleeds. I can watch it heal with no conscious action on my behalf, providing that I remove the knife from the equation and cease from running the blade over the injured area – AiM removes the blade for good! By removing the cause of the problem I create an environment for the body to heal itself. Every time.

It’s the same for posture, injury, pain and inhibition: Anatomy in Motion (AiM) tracks the cause of the compensation, transforms it and creates an environment for the body to correct itself.

The results are profound.

You spend 90% of your waking time on your feet, if your feet don’t communicate with the rest of your body effectively, then it’s likely you will experience physical problems at some stage.

Just like a car with poor wheel tracking, you will experience a bumpy ride until the wheels are balanced by an expert: if your feet are not functioning in accordance with the rest of the body, you too will experience a bumpy ride until the whole body is finely balanced by an AiM practitioner. You, through force of habit, may not even notice that you are experiencing a bumpy ride.

So why the feet? Your feet, when in motion are the only point of contact with the outside world. They are the only source of feedback for the rest of your body to respond to. Some clinics provide orthotics but internal correction of foot function is rare in therapy circles, in particular where the internal foot function is coupled with the rest of the body too.

If we were to treat your knee or low back but didn’t improve the communication between the foot and your low back/knee: the old habits of gait would soon return the original problem as the feedback between foot and the rest of the body is still not in place.

The AiM Technology enhances the effectiveness of conventional treatments; by teaching the whole body to record, measure and respond to your internal and external environment.

The AiM clinic ensures you leave after session one with improved communication between each and every joint in your body, just like the car at the garage resulting in a smoother ride – you wouldn’t expect your garage to say “I’ll need to see you again next week” would you? Really?

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