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Nutrition Coaching

I teach people about the importance of good eating habits, about the importance of what they put in their shopping basket. How the right foods will make you feel energized, will improve your digestion and wellbeing. I believe that the only way to help a person lose weight, put on weight (yes, yes that too, it’s not only about losing weight), improve their digestion; boost energy levels is through personalized nutrition advice.

No diet fits all people, diets in general are a bad idea and you can do more harm than good to yourself with the wrong diet. Everyone is different and everyone’s needs are different. My nutrition needs are different from my parents nutrition needs or from my sisters.

Instead of dieting I promote changing eating habits, I show you how to read labels, I show you how to prepare simple dishes which will give you what your body, mind and soul need (there is that special food for the soul called chocolate). Believe me, preparing a nutritious dish can be quick and very simple. If I learned how to cook you can do it too.

There are no counting calories. Your body doesn’t know what a calorie is, it only recognizes food not calories, so I focus on the food not on the calorie. Your bodies needs are different every day – one day you are stressed more than the other, you work out, you don’t get enough sleep etc.

As an athlete I know the importance of good eating habits for better performance.

You can have all the best supplements you want but without the right foods they won’t give you much. It’s all about the FOOD – remember?

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